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SIMBA recognizes the power that can be derived when the indigenous knowledge base is converged with Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) to solve many of the informational, educational, business and socio-economic challenges facing Africans, Arabs and others in the developing world.

SIMBA is designed to operate in ways that are socially responsible, beneficial and responsive to the communities in which it has impact.

SIMBA realizes that local and global community involvement and participation are essential to our success in building, maintaining, and providing access to our database of in-depth professionally produced and recorded images and sounds that represent multifaceted views of Africa and the Middle East. Therefore, content from residents as well as travelers is vital.

SIMBA provides groups of people who are of African and Middle Eastern descent with the skills they need to be viable producers and intelligent consumers of information of all types.

SIMBA encourages community mentoring and fosters an active “Each One Teach One” program that trains pools of trainers in a number of communications-related disciplines through the OLAfrica CyberAc@demy.

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