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Simba is UNIQUE

While there are several similar agencies being developed, SIMBA stands alone due to a number of factors:

1. SIMBA is continually developing a large and accessible in-depth image and sound databases that document all possible facets of African and Middle Eastern life including cultural celebrations, festivals, news, landmarks, development, hidden history and ethnic/language groups, many of which are quickly disappearing. Content is coming from local people and travelers.

2. SIMBA regularly consults with our buyer network which is composed of groups of teachers, life-long learners and publishers in addition to well-known experts in various aspects of African, Middle Eastern and American studies. This ensures that our lifelong learning products are developed according to the expressed needs of the markets we serve. Many of our products are developed to serve the specific informational needs of entire school systems.

3. SIMBA uses a TEAM APPROACH to documenting and preserving artifacts of life and culture. This results in in-depth image sets that are difficult to find elsewhere.

4. SIMBA is linked to on-going training (free) for our professional and semi-professional photographers, writers and video producers. Fresh output is guaranteed because we require our contributing photographers to undergo periodic skills enhancement training and SIMBA’s requirement that each member produce at least 100 qualifying new images per year.

5. SIMBA’s supplier network consists of highly skilled traveling photographers and fully trained residents of the regions sought out by our buyers.

6. SIMBA is the only agency in Africa that is actively engaged with, and linked to virtually every university that has broadband who are helping us fully test and validate SIMBA's business model.

7. SIMBA has its own internal publishing capacity which will provide constant markets for dedicated, ambitious and skliied photographers and filmmakers.

SIMBA serves the high quality photographic needs of local business, media, educational and development organizations. SIMBA’s services cover a wide range of imaging needs from the single high-impact advertising shot or hundreds of topical photographs and video clips.

SIMBA is singularly unique because, in concert with other divisions of OLAfrica Knowledge Corp., and its affiliated agents, SIMBA will become a locally focused, responsive and socially beneficial digital publishing “economic engine” that creates jobs that support key areas of local, regional, national and global development.

SIMBA is viable solution for organizations and individuals engaged in all levels of education and training, including “Training-the-Trainer” programs because it provides much needed, and difficult-to-acquire, audio-visual production skills that can be applied throughout every corner of the participating communities.

SIMBA is currently training and developing teams of professionally-competitive photographers, writers and video producers to meet the current and rapidly exploding, future needs for competent multimedia producers. Since its inception, SIMBA has trained hundreds of journalists and photographers from more than 40 African and Middle East countries.

In addition to our organization-specific production services, we also provide direct access to our affiliated stock photo agencies so our customers can select the perfect image or image sets for their needs based on cost and suitability.

SIMBA’s photos are available under a number of licensing or purchasing agreements that range from no-cost or inexpensive royalty-free images to those that are produced for specific commercial uses or as limited editions or exclusive art collector’s editions.

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