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SIMBA is a sight and sound resource dedicated to servicing the current and future audio-visual media needs of a connected world that is increasingly thirsty for fresh validated information and knowledge about Africa and the Diaspora. Today’s buyers are in a constant search for fresh audio and visual information that will augment their work. However, they often find that their needs for images that present Africa’s incredible diversity of voices go unfulfilled due to the scarcity of materials that present African people and their environments through fresh perspectives, including the eyes of local people.

SIMBA is being developed as a solution to the problems faced by information consumers and information providers when trying to construct balanced, accurate and contemporary views of the African world today.

The information market niche that SIMBA addresses includes:

  • Researchers (business, academic, content developers)
  • Lifelong Learners, Educators, Trainers and Librarians
  • Publishers of Books, Periodicals and New Media
  • Writers, Reporters, Multimedia Program Producers
  • Promoters and Advertisers
  • Exhibitors

SIMBA and the OLAfrica CyberAc@demy for Multimedia Skills Training are having major positive impact on two key areas of deficiency (content-based business model and media training) that were identified in the 2006 report of the African Media Development Initiative (AMDI) entitled “Strengthening Africa’s Private Independent Media”. 

This report states “There is a large untapped market for local content. Without good content, the business model does not exist.” The report goes on to say that among all the possible strategies, “training is deemed to be critical”.

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