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The OLAfrica e-Governance Center Network currently operates in:

Tanzania: The Julius K. Nyerere Center for Good Governance and Media Studies (JKNC) is the second node in our network and features 35 fully equipped regional learning centres. JKNC began offering short courses for Tanzanian journalists in October 2012. We are also developing Community Research and Information Bureaus (CRIB) to gather local data for news, business, education and other sectors that help advance sustained development. East Africa's rapidly growing mobile phone networks have the capacity to deliver a variety of innovative programs and applications we are developing for rural mobile deployment.

Egypt: Since 2007 we have been cataloging and digitizing collections of Cairo's African Society, which includes the "African Liberation Chronicles" created by African freedom fighters who received safe sanctuary in Nasser's Egypt. These include personal papers, photos and films of Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Sekou Toure, Azikiwe, Maya Angelou, Sam Nujoma and others. Our Cairo project is positioned to enhance the work of the African Liberation Heritage Programme, a joint project of the African Union and UNESCO.

Ghana: In partnership with the Kwame Nkrumah Pan-African Cultural Center, we are reconstructing the history of Africa's independence movements and revealing how illegal covert foreign interventions have historically derailed most attempts to unify Africa.

United States: We are collaborating with Howard University and other Historically Black Colleges and Universities to develop programs that will permit Africans and Black Americans to collaborate on a number of innovative media, scientific, business and social science projects.

South Africa: In collaboration with Vista University Soweto Campus (now part of the University of Johannesburg), we are continuing to research and digitize their Township History Project.


Future Projects

We are continuing to engage Ohio University, Center for International Studies in talks that will expand participation by village researchers and community journalists in the Mount Kilimanjaro Local Knowledge & Climate Change Adaption Project being conducted with Sokoine University and Michigan State University.

In collaboration with Eko Connect Research and Education Network, we are assisting in development of prototypes for the Nigeria All Varsity News Network, a national university newspaper network that will be replicated elsewhere once initial outcomes have been evaluated. A June workshop will be held in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our major fundraiser is KILIFEST (Kilimanjaro Music, Arts and Culture Festival) that is designed to promote African heritage, civil responsibiity and good governance through integration of music, film, poetry, literature, art and multimedia. This proposed annual event will occur in selected pan-African venues and online.



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