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Q: What exactly is a COPE?

A: Communities of Practical Engagement (COPE) are online groups that want to learn how to become sustainable through helping to inform others about opportunities for lifelong learning, marketing, community research and digital publishing projects with which we are affiliated. Our communities focus on demonstrating how information can be used throughout Africa and the Diaspora to improve education and training which are increasingly reliant on visual and audio communications in all fields from art to civil engineering and math. Whatever you do, you can benefit from forming or joining a COPE.

Q: What are COPE advantages? Why should I participate? What’s in it for me?

A: COPEs leverage your group’s collective buying or selling power by multiplying it’s impact through alliances with other COPEs. If you are a producer, buyer or seller of any type of product (especially heritage products or compelling information) looking to reach new local and distant markets, COPEs can help. If you have an unfulfilled creative entrepreneurial spirit, you will want to participate.

Q: How much will it cost to participate?

A: Nothing but your time. We provide COPEs with free media training and other essentials for success.

Q: Why free communications media training?

A: We provide free training because it is the only way we can achieve our objectives---to neutralize the grip of insensitive middlepersons and publishers who once dominated the African market with substandard products and inaccurate accounts that often excluded key contributions and achievements of people of African descent. These publishers exclusively controlled the content, the message and the means to deliver that message. Even though that market must now be shared, Black people are STILL not engaged enough to matter.

IMAGES ARE OFTEN THE DECIDING FACTOR IN MANY TYPES OF PURCHASES and after basic training, our experiential on-the-job learning programs show you how to identify and cultivate niche markets for your unique skills, culture-specific information products and services. Our COPE communities help each other achieve common goals.

This could be the opportunity of a lifetime if you are a photographer, videographer, filmmaker, writer, artist, designer, sculptor, jewelry maker or other types of information consumer or provider. Learn more about income generation from images

CONTACT US if you want to collaborate in the creation and marketing of innovative media products, services or ICT applications for the field or discipline of your choosing.


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