Founder and director of SIMBA, Robert Jones is currently the Distinguished Professor of Visual Communication Practice at the American University in Cairo. Previously he was Director of Media Technology Studies at Trinity Washington University and Professor of Multimedia Communications at the University of Maryland. 

Robert has over 30 years experience as a commercial photographer, photojournalist, picture editor, film/ video producer-director and multiple media educator. His photos have been widely published in newspapers and magazines including National Geographic Magazine, LIFE Magazine, Time, Chicago Tribune, Paris Match and Cox Newspapers. His documentary films have been globally distributed.

He founded, taught and directed the Photojournalism Program at Howard University and has traveled and photographed extensively in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East and North America.

He is currently conducting several digital ethnographic media research projects that include documenting the thousand-year long African influence on a small Bavarian town in southern Germany.


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All photos (c) Robert L. Jones, II all rights reserved.


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