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Projects for Local Economic Development via Community Media & Distance Education:

2009-2013: The Foundation has sponsored free multimedia training courses for disadvantaged residents of several rural African villages. This training is led by Professor Robert Jones of the American University in Cairo (AUC) who recently published 2 dynamic virtual textbooks "Shedding Light on Photography: Your Concise Guide to Technical Control and Artistic Expression" and "Publication Design: Principles and Practice". These materials were cited as Best Practice examples at the 5th e-Learning Africa Conference in 2011 in Dar es Salaam. He is co-authoring a series of interactive visual literacy textbooks with AUC Writing, Rhetoric and Journalism Professor Doris Jones.

He developed new models for educating journalists and training visual communicators through a Photo-Ethnography Community-Based Learning initiative at the American University in Cairo. He is continuing his development of Africa's first on-line visual communication curriculum for the African Virtual University and UNESCO Centers for Excellence in Journalism Education.

2010-2013: Fundraising and Programme Consultants to the Kwame Nkrumah Pan African Cultural Center (Ghana and Egypt) that will transform President Nkrumah's former family residence on Cairo's historic Nile Corniche into a global depository for preserving the memory of Africa's Liberation era that began in Ghana and spread throughout Africa and the Diaspora with the support of former Egyptian president, Gamal Abdel Nasser. The Center will feature letters and other historical artifacts detailing how African nations broke the colonial stranglehold. It will provide resources and space for academic discourse by leading and aspiring African scholars who wish to use their indigenous voices to share stories of the liberation struggles which are still continuing today. The Center will feature direct links to global libraries and universities, including Historically Black and African Colleges and Universities (HBACU) whose faculties and scholars will engage people of African descent around the world through the OnLine Africa Mystic Oracle searchable database and other connectivity programmes.

2008-2011: The Foundation has co-funded several International Community Media Projects with the John D. Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement of the American University in Cairo and the Italian NGO Live-in-Slums.org for whom we have conducted public information work with the United Nations Population Fund, Tawasol Community Learning Center (Egypt), Association for Protection of the Environment (Egypt), Village of Makonde (Tanzania), Green Zanzibar (Tanzania), President Obama's father's ancestral village of Kogelo, Kenya where we are training citizens to collect and preserve their town's visual and aural histories.

2005-2011: Photo and Video Workshops for residents of Nungua Village, Ghana, Istabel Antar, Egypt and Kogelo, Kenya to enable citizens to tell their own stories and to use photography and video as means to help solve development problems. OLAfrica provided t-shirt printing machines, computers and software.

2005-2010: "Egyptian Pound Saver" is a marketing assistance (Cairo) newsletter designed to introduce the expatriate community to sources of quality and competitively-priced goods and services. Startup costs were provided by the foundation and this work brought a number of positive economic benefits to local businesses and foreign consumers alike. The 3 Egyptian brothers who led the production of the newsletter recently (2009) secured foundation funding to fulfill their lifelong dream to establish their own business and homes.

2005, 2006 and 2009: Computer Graphics and T-Shirt Production Workshops (Malindi, Diani and Lamu, Kenya. We taught street vendors how to produce silk screen t-shirts in-house. We also provided bursaries for nursing and graphic design students who were no longer to meet the costs of continuing their education.

2002-04: We began developing programs for training and employing community media producers and researchers and helped develop SACOMNET which operates from hubs in Tembisa, Deepsloot and Soweto Townships, South Africa.



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